What Security means.

Today you hear a lot of chatter about security are you secured?, are you safe?, this one just got hacked, that company no not them! Well the people in the in know the real deal and it matters not because of the end result of that deal. The fact of the matter is everyone should strive to have a secure environment and that environment should be for country, company, and of course those smart enough to know how. My point is if a company or a person is able to create a secure environment  that say the government wants to have it well it’s just not ethical, you have money build your own, like the song says “we own the sky”. ~1337

Desk Creep

DESK CREEP As I call it, seems to be this forever ending to do list that seems to become more and more scattered  across my desk until the business cards need holders and the missed events become old news as I’m cutting my way forward looking on the past as distant memory of what was and what will never be again. We our doing some house cleaning and will be fire up some new systems / tools soon. 

The need for an open source phone, music player and app center.

An open source phone would give you the ability to use an open source application platform, removing the costly expense and tracking of your personal communication and locations to such devices as your music player on android or apple which for some strange reasons needs complete control of your phones information and contacts and the ability to read your email and turn on certain incoming communications.  You are probably already aware of this every time you update your most used applications, noticing little by little some apps quietly ask for permissions to areas of YOUR phone which is more than likely being sold so you can be targeted by companies to purchase their mostly no needed trinkits.


The open source phone can use voip technology and wifi as it’s core mode with a Linux os interface. The beauty of the system is no apps are allowed on the phone that require your personal info or get your geo location. The phone is the compromise between security and the social media meltdown misinformation campaign. ~1337

The Thing with Android Music Player

I find entertaining and amusing that the music player in android 4.4.4 (a favorite number BTW) does not like to be shut down. I have shut down its services cleared its memories and it just keep coming back to life. It AI is amazing, it like watching a child learning to grow. I open the cover to check to see if its running and it shuts itself off sometimes. I’ve used the active app widget to shut it down and it does shut down and I have clear its cache and memory and disabled the app, only to come back to life like some bad mold. I will be operating on her very soon to remove the “MUSIC” organ. I still think it should be of concern the applications rights. read them it may make you think again about that so called smart phone.


Social Suicide

The ability to chat with the world does not mean things can get better, it’s quite the opposite , you see when people from rivaling countries say like Russia and the USA or Others have problems so do its citizens on all levels. Would it be wrong to think a Russian now living in America might feel awkward to say the least. Or say an American in Russia. The tension between this on social media is a melting pot for creating cells that turn into larger ones built on purpose and mission only based on differences that cultural cannot be resolved. Words become deeds that became action before the knowledge was known to elite or general masses. Social media is a double edge sword that has no meaningful purpose beside being economy and eco chambers for others to observe, it would be wiser to shut it down than monitor it and less costly, it has become a security risk that has no place today’s society not based on its inceptional but the course of human history. ~1337


Yeah, I know I’ve been sort of MIA the last 6 months or so. Relo plus security setups you know the routine. I had hoped to expand the Org http://www.avatarpoint.com/444.html later this year but it may not be possible until earlier next year as I need to visit the Dragon again for some intel. I have also Rooted The Good Witch Network (GWN) which shall really get a spell or 2 brewing.. Thats it for now, High Atop the Mountain Avatarpoint end transmission/

Microsoft Fixes some holes.

I was very happy to hear about Microsoft fixing some 4.7 infected machines from cyber criminals, It’s not so much that they were able to recover the systems controls again. Id expect that much they designed the OS. It was the fact that they took the time to fix their mistakes and help out 4.7 million users. Cheers to you Microsoft. :) Giving control of the machines back to its users is what occurred once the infected machines were cleaned. Which leads me to the topic of “Should some users really have 100% control of their machine.” after careful consideration the thought is no. Everyday users have little understanding of the complexity behind the scenes going on to make all the bells and whistles go off. Nor do they have the ability to do more than run a virus program in some cases.  If I were a developer of Operation Systems in todays environment I would clause some control over the system or remove responsibility. It really makes no sense to hold a company responsible for cyber criminals activity that affects users, to understand my statement one needs to understand more about how computers and networks work.


Best Regards, C,J.T